The POMELO project teaches migrants the language through the power of music

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e-Medine is very interested in the objectives of the European project POMELO which promotes the integration of young migrants with local communities through the power of music and supports the formation of the European identity. In fact, the revolutionary aspect of the project consists of using music as a learning methodology for a foreign language.

The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated by the various academic studies that have been conducted by psychologists and researchers.

The POMELO project therefore has two main objectives: the first is to improve the methodology and tools regularly used by trainers, social workers and operators of youth organisations working with young migrants. The second is to promote integration through learning the local language.

Four innovative tools have been developed during the project and they are available for free on the project website in different languages: Italian, English, Czech, Greek and Polish.

Training Pack for Social and Youth Workers

The training pack includes a series of practical tools to help volunteers to:

Training Kit for local and migrant young people

The kit was designed specifically to produce educational tools for learning the language through music.

Interactive music games

Interactive info-games have been developed by exploiting the attractive and engaging power of music to stimulate curiosity and learning.

Multimedia Replicability Guide

The document consists of two parts: the first is a summary of the project that can be used as a manual, the second focuses on the validation and certification of skills acquired using the European EQF (European Qualifications Framework) standard.


POMELO is a European project that involves significant organisations at an international level, such as the web agency Moka Adv, branch of PMF Research, the PRISM association (Italy), the University of Social Sciences SAN (Poland), MUS-E (Cyprus), the Eastern Macedonia – Thrace Regional Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education Eastern Macedonia- RDE-EMth (Greece) and PELICAN association (Czech Republic).

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