mission 1 e-medine

The mission of e-Medine

The current political scene shows that young people are not interested in cooperating and participating to the community’s social life.
Nevertheless, the disaffection towards politics is only one side of the general outline of the problem.
Apart from political engagement, e-Medine aims at educating and training young people to become critical citizens, to feel to all intents and purposes European citizens with a well-defined European identity, so to reach social inclusion through activities such as volunteering, intercultural exchanges and awareness campaigns to improve the sense of belonging to European citizenship.

Our values

e-Medine supports the European values of tolerance and freedom, democratic cooperation based on the acceptance of universal human rights and the role of law.
e-Medine values diversity and pursues knowledge through education and the transfer of know-how.
The non-profit organisation e-Medine aims to foster European identity, giving European citizens the opportunity to interact and participate in the construction of a united and democratic Europe, oriented towards world harmony.
This process is enriched by cultural diversity and social inclusion.

mission 2 e-medine

The goals of e-Medine

The mission of e-Medine primarily concerns the promotion of a full European identity and a European citizenship. Further objectives include:

Supporting citizenship, engagement in policy-making processes and improving conditions for civic and democratic participation

Developing and implementing innovative formal and non-formal online training programmes to foster European identity

Promoting the cooperation through the organisation of round tables, meetings and events to encourage public discussion and strengthen social participation to foster EU citizenship

Enhancing tolerance and mutual understanding among citizens respecting and promoting cultural and linguistic diversity, while contributing to intercultural dialogue

Promoting mutual understanding, intercultural learning, EU identity, solidarity, social engagement and volunteering

Transferring innovative ideas aiming at the sustainable development of the territory and at citizens' empowerment

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