EUROTHON: Enhancing European Civic Engagement among Youngsters

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The Pandemic of Covid-19 has so far highlighted the need to strengthen European values and to promote democratic processes aimed at a stronger integration. Processes which consolidate a European identity capable of fighting Member States’ selfishness that jeopardise the rule of law. Fundamental, from this point of view, is the need to involve young European citizens and to infuse the strong values of the motherland Europe, with the aim of increasing their civic engagement and the participation to the democratic dynamics.

On the idea for a more solid and resilient European Union, “EUROTHON” is born, a European event focused on reflecting on identity roots, aimed at exploring and discussing the values and history of Europe.


The final aim of the EUROTHON project is to broaden knowledge of European ideals and to increase the involvement of young people in the democratic processes of the Union through an innovative learning programme, which adopts an integrative, student-centred and action-oriented approach. Furthermore, the project aims to promote the following objectives:


The non-profit organisation e-Medine participates as project coordinator: it will host short-term training events for educators in Italy, with the aim of testing the methodologies and training contents provided in one of the 4 intellectual outputs of EUROTHON. In particular, the organisation is responsible for the realisation of the methodological framework and the training material that will be used in the event. It will also create 5 modules that will deal with different aspects of active citizenship:

Therefore, EUROTHON aims to increase the personal commitment of participants to the values of the European community, instructing them on strengthening its identity, through the provision of a set of appropriate tools and solid practical skills.

In times of a severe economic, social and political crisis, e-Medine believes it is necessary to pursue the idea of a more united, strong and resilient Europe capable of facing the new challenges posed to its citizens. European integration, as well as education in civil engagement and the proactive participation in democratic processes, becomes a necessary condition for going further, focusing on today’s young people, the face of tomorrow’s Europe.

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