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The nonprofit organisation e-Medine (e-MEDiterranean IN Europe) promotes the EU citizenship and the role of Europe as great motherland. Looking for partners for european projects?

The need for European citizenship: e-Medine is Europe Direct Catania

e-Medine is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the promotion of  EU citizenship, for the political and cultural convergence of the Mediterranean countries in a single motherland: Europe.
Its main aim is to raise people awareness on the importance of a European identity and on integration in all its aspects (social, economic and cultural), among both citizens and social actors, through awareness campaigns, round tables and the dissemination of best practices.
In these years, thanks to its credibility, e-Medine has been able to attract grants from the European Fund for Preparatory Actions in the field of Sport-Health and Physical Activity and from the Life Learning Programme, and from October 2022 for the European Commission it is Europe Direct Catania, to help better understand the dynamics of the EU, to seize its opportunities and to enhance its democratic principles, cornerstones of the European Union.

What we do

e-Medine aims to raise awareness about the importance of EU citizenship, to reach a political and cultural convergence of the Mediterranean countries in the European motherland, so as to overcome cultural differences and to aim to create a European identity.
In order to achieve its goals, the organisation promotes the adoption of serious games and other digital tools and methodologies that have already shown their effectiveness in the field of people’s cultural education.


Our activities

Promotion of a culture focused on European citizenship and on the social integration into a common European identity

Support for citizens and greater involvement of policy makers in the formulation of concrete solutions to problems of public interest

Diffusion of best practices to fight corruption and unemployment

Transfer of innovative ideas aiming at the sustainable development of the territory and at citizens' empowerment

Enhancement of digital integration


Our mission

e-Medine is a nonprofit organisation of JO Group, a cluster of companies born in 1998 with core businesses in digital transformation and EU project consulting.
Among the general goals pursued by e-Medine, it is worth emphasising both the development and implementation of innovative formal and non-formal online training programmes and the organisation of round tables, meetings and events to encourage public discussion and strengthen social engagement to foster European identity and European citizenship.

Some projects

Some of the projects developed by e-Medine in the context of European citizenship promotion. 


The goal of the project is to promote active citizenship and European citizenship among young people, through the participation in online activities for the creation of public policies that improve participation in the civic life of the community to foster European identity.



One of the first objectives of this project is the joint reflection between the different territorial levels and the civil society actors to design a methodology to introduce physical activity as European identity, as a new European lifestyle to prevent diseases. 

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+39 095 7463250


45 Vittorio Emanuele da Bormida Street
95125 Catania (Italy)


37 Mario Sangiorgi Street
95129 Catania (Italy)

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